Agenda for November 19th, 2019 Business Meeting and Annual Officer Elections


Join the Libertarian Party of Orange County, FL for our regular business meeting on Tuesday, November 19th, 2019.

Everyone is welcome to attend, regardless of political affiliation (or lack of). Our focus is the advancement of liberty within our local communities through activism, events, and Libertarian political candidates. Can’t make it and want to support the party? Follow our Livestream during the event and please consider contributing to our success by making a Donation.

The meeting will start with a meet and greet at 7:00 PM. The official call to order for conducting party business is at 7:30 PM. If you can’t make it then, feel free to join us for some social time after!

Location:    Village Inn Restaurant     3130 Daniels Rd, Winter Garden, FL 34787       Side room on the left

7:00 – Meet and Greet

7:30 – Call to Order

Determination of Quorum – 75% of Executive Committee or 25% of all voting members

Declaration of Proxy

Approval and Adoption of Agenda

Review and Approval of Minutes – Minutes for October 15th, 2019 Business Meeting

7:50 – Officer Reports

Chair Report – Derek Ryan

Vice-Chair Report – Pedro Geliga

Secretary Report – Mari Peele

Treasurer Report – Greg Peele

8:00 – Committee Reports

Bylaws Report

Finance Report

Communications Report

Membership Report

Candidates Report

Platform Report

8:20 – Old Business


8:30 – New Business 

  • Officer Elections – (See Appendix A and Appendix B for eligibility requirements.)
    • Nominations
      • Chair
      • Vice Chair
      • Secretary
      • Treasurer
    • Opportunity of Nominee Speeches
    • Elections
      • Chair
      • Vice Chair
      • Secretary
      • Treasurer
  • Committee Appointments by Chair (See Appendix C and Appendix D for additional information on committee composition.
  • Motion 2020-01: Motion to Authorize an Annual Budget
    • Mover: Greg Peele
    • Text: I move to authorize an annual budget of the following expenditures:
      • Up to $100 for the Communications Committee to maintain IT services including renewing the email and domain name services.
      • Up to $110 for the Finance Committee to renew the USPS PO Box and purchase mail supplies.
      • Up to $250 for the Membership Committee to plan and conduct outreach events.
      • Up to $120 for the Communications Committee to print flyers, brochures, and other materials as needed.
      • Up to $150 for the Communications Committee to sponsor social media advertising.

8:45 On-boarding for newly elected officers

9:00 – Adjourn for Social Hour at Chili’s

11:00 – Venues Close



Article II: Membership and Dues

Section I

A regular member in the LPOC is defined as a person who signs the membership pledge “I hereby certify that I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force as a means of achieving political or social goals” and supports Libertarian principles. Registered membership in the Libertarian Party of Florida is sufficient to qualify as signing this pledge. Regular members maintain their membership status for life unless explicitly revoked.

Section II

An active member is defined as any person who is a regular member and has attended attends 6 of the previous 12 or 4 of the previous 6 regular business meetings. An active member who does not maintain the required attendance shall automatically become a regular member. If any member provides good and sufficient reason for an absence from a business meeting, the absence may be excused by a two-thirds vote. Absences from special called meetings and absences incurred by public officials due to conducting official duties shall be automatically excused. Excused absences shall be treated as if the member were in attendance at the business meeting for the purposes of determining active membership status and for requirements of state law, but not for any other purpose, including but not limited to determining quorum, threshold for passing motions, etc.

Section III

A voting member is defined as any person who is an active member, is not a member of another political party, and resides, is employed, or attends school at a documented physical address in Orange County. A voting member who joins another political party or fails to maintain an Orange County qualifying address shall automatically become an active member.



Article III: Officers and Executive Committee

Section I

The officers of the LPOC consist of a Chair, a Vice-Chair, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. These persons will be members of the Executive Committee.

Section II

Committee chairs, whether elected or appointed, will be members of the Executive Committee.

Section III

Officers shall be elected for a term of one year by a majority vote of voting members present at the November meeting of each year.

Section IV

Officers must be a voting member of LPOC, a registered member of the Libertarian Party of Florida, and reside in Orange County.

Section V

The Chair shall preside over meetings.

Section VI

The Vice-Chair shall perform the duties of the Chair in conjunction with, or in the absence of, the Chair.

Section VII

The Secretary shall keep LPOC records including, but not limited to:

  1. Minutes of meetings
  2. Records of membership; and
  3. Official correspondence

The Secretary shall ensure members are informed of meetings and events. The Secretary shall perform the duties of the Chair in the absence of the Chair and the Vice-Chair.

Section VIII

The Treasurer shall be the Chief Financial Officer and shall receive, hold, disburse, and account for all funds under the direction of the Executive Committee. The Treasurer shall perform the duties of the Chair in the absence of the Chair, the Vice-Chair, and the Secretary.



Article III: Officers and Executive Committee

Section II

Committee chairs, whether elected or appointed, will be members of the Executive Committee.



Article II: Standing Committees

Section I

There will be the following standing committees: Finance, Communications, Membership, Bylaws, and Platform.

Section II

Committee chairs shall be appointed by the Chair and confirmed by majority vote.

Section III

The Vice-Chair shall be a member of the Membership Committee and the Platform Committee. The Treasurer shall be a member of the Finance Committee. The Secretary shall be a member of the Communications Committee. The Chair shall be a member of the Bylaws Committee.

Section IV

Special committees may be created by majority vote for a specific purpose. Special committees shall conduct business in accordance that purpose and dissolve with a final report at the next annual business meeting or an earlier date as specified in the authorizing motion. Unless otherwise specified in the authorizing motion or in these Bylaws, special committees shall have the same duties, requirements, and privileges as standing committees.