Do you have a passion to support liberty in Orange County? We need your help! The Libertarian Party of Orange County is a grassroots organization of volunteers. The most valuable thing you can contribute is your time, energy, and creativity as a volunteer activist!  We have many positions open  for motivated activists of all types of skills and talents, and we will always have events you can support! Please Contact Us to let us know how you want to help promote liberty and self-ownership in Orange County!

The next most important thing, especially if you can’t volunteer, is to support our efforts by increasing our war chest. Money makes the world go ’round, especially in a free market, and your treasure will help us compete effectively in the marketplace of ideas. All of our operations are funded by small individual donors and Libertarian events – we are not beholden to corporations or special interests.

 Contribution Methods

  • Cash (up to $50) – collected at our events
  • Personal check – collected at our events or mailed to our PO Box
  • Credit card – swipe at our events or donate online securely – Click Here to Donate
  • Real money – gold, silver, and platinum bullion
  • Crypto-currency (coming soon!) – Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero

Caveats and Legal Requirements

Due to federal and state campaign finance legal requirements backed up by government force, we will require:

  • Your full legal name
  • Your employer
  • Your occupation

If the contribution (of at least $200 for the year) does not include this information, we will need to be able to contact you to obtain it or we will be forced to refund or dispose of the contribution.

Contributions are not tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes. 

Regrettably, we are legally barred from accepting contributions from foreign nationals.

Also please note that, due to onerous federal and state campaign finance legal requirements and to avoid potential for IRS theft at the 35% corporate tax rate, we immediately convert all real money and crypto-currency donations into Federal Reserve notes at cost. However, you are still welcome to donate through these alternate methods and we commend your support for a free market in currency.

How to Make Non-Cash Donations

If you would like to contribute by credit card over the phone or to arrange for real money or crypto-currency donations, please contact the party treasurer, Greg Peele, at (407) 765-0293.

We will be adding support for online donations by credit card soon!

If you would like to mail a check contribution, please include the legally required information and mail the check to:

Libertarian Party of Orange County

Libertarian Party of Orange County
PO Box 679334
Orlando, Fl 32867

What do your contributions support?

We primarily use contributions for communications, advertising, and events. Ongoing costs include hosting this website, running social media advertisements, and printing Libertarian literature. We use funds to purchase equipment for hosting or attending events.

We also contribute to and incur expenses supporting local and state Libertarian candidates running for office that our local party or the Libertarian Party of Florida have officially endorsed.

We do not contribute to or incur expenses supporting federal candidates at this time, but we do encourage you to donate directly to Libertarian federal campaigns.

Thank you so much for your generous support!