Joe Biden issued an executive order on March 9th that sets the stage for a government backed CryptoCurrency. A Federal Digital Currency (FDC) would allow the government to track ALL transactions. It’s beyond Orwellian – with an FDC, the government can stop you from paying anyone they don’t approve of. FDC makes it impossible to pay anyone, from undocumented workers to contractors, or even your hair dresser. We saw bank accounts frozen in Canada with the Freedom Convoy. Will America be next?

With an FDC there are no anonymous donations to the charity of your choice. Gone is the ability to anonymously spend on the recreational activity of your choice. Every single transaction is tracked, followed, and logged. FDC is one of the most significant infringements on Liberty in recent years. 

Independent currencies are essential to our freedom. We must bring the liberty and crypto communities together NOW to defend this right. I’ll be speaking about this at Bitcoin 2022, but the conversation can’t stop there.

On Saturday, April 9th at 11 AM, I am hosting a roundtable brunch at Havana 1957 in Miami Beach. We’ll have Crypto superstars Dan HeldJessica Vaugn, and Mark Moss plus Liberty legends Martha Bueno and Lyn UlbrichtGet your tickets as soon as possible and join us to make an impact in bringing these communities together.
Hope to see you there!

– Jo Jorgensen