Libertarian Party of Orange County​     
PO Box 679334​    Orlando, Fl 32867        
2 March 2020

Contact: Ralph Groves,, 571-314-2434            

FOR RELEASE to Ms. Jessica Bryce Young, Editor-in-Chief, Orlando Weekly,
16 West Pine Street, Orlando, FL 32801

On 4 February, Ocoee resident Ralph Groves, Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Orange County,
met Ocoee District 1 Commissioner Larry Brinson, Sr. at City Hall. Mr. Groves presented a
Libertarian Party endorsement to Mr. Brinson about the forthcoming centennial commemoration
of the tragic 1920 massacre of Black citizens of Ocoee. Libertarians oppose racism and promote
equal rights and harmony among all citizens

The Libertarian Party of Orange County is the Orange County affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Florida.
Libertarians support individual liberty and free markets for free people: