Dear Commissioner Larry Brinson, Ocoee City Commission:

We of the Libertarian Party of Orange County (LPOC) agree with the need to improve human rights for Black people, as expressed by the Black Lives Matter movement.  In addition, we recognize that our nation’s justice system is broken and needs reform to prevent prosecutorial malfeasance from incarcerating innocent people — often disproportionally large numbers of Black people.

We take this opportunity to amplify our erstwhile support for a historical marker — planned for later this year — to commemorate the massacre of Black people in Ocoee a century ago.  We aspire to an egalitarian community in Ocoee where such massacres will never again occur.

Broadening the issue of Black Lives Matter, the LPOC Chairman has long advocated enhanced medical research for development of a vaccine against malaria.  Malaria kills hundreds of thousands of Africans every year — mostly African children under the age of five.

Please send our sentiments, expressed above, to Mayor Rusty Johnson and all Ocoee City Commissioners.

Thank you and best wishes.


Ralph Groves, Ocoee Resident, District 1
Libertarian Party of Orange County