December 19th, 2020 (Draft)


The regular meeting of the Libertarian Party of Orange County, Fl. was called to order at 6:32PM on December 19th, 2020 at Orlando Brewing by Chair – Ralph Groves.


Executive Committee: Chair – Ralph Groves, Will Dukes – Vice-Chair, John Morrisey – Secretary, Wayne Jackman – Treasurer

Voting Members: Katie Groves

Regular Members: None

Determination of Quorum (75% of Executive Committee or 25% of all voting members)

Quorum was established.

Approval and Adoption of Agenda

Greg Peele made a motion to adopt the agenda. The motion was seconded by Wayne Jackman and passed unanimously.

Approval of the Minutes

Wayne Jackman moved to approve the minutes from the November 15th, 2020 business meeting. The motion was seconded by John Morrisey and without objection.

Chair Report – Ralph Groves

Vice-Chair Report – No Report

Secretary Report – John Morrisey

Guest Speaker – Jim Turney

Treasurer Report – Wayne Jackman

By-Laws Report – No Report

Finance Report – Wayne Jackman

Communications Report – Wayne Jackman

Membership Report – Wayne Jackman

Platform Report – No Report

Old Business

  • None

New Business

  • Annual Officer Elections
    • Meeting Discussions:
      • No nominations for Secretary. John Morrisey will continue month to month until a new secretary is found.
      • Izzy Point of Order to discuss responding to people on the web. Discussion on how we should respond on debated topics. John Morrisey expressed his concerns for a more polite and welcoming approach to political debate on the Facebook Page or Group. Izzy believed a more aggressive approach attracts more members. He went on to say debate many times not nice attracts more than it loses. Wayne and Izzy agreed to take this debate to be tabled between them.
      • Jim Turney gave a campaign update from the Jorgensen Campaign. He reviewed the pluses and the minuses and the forward view for the Libertarian Party.


Wayne Jackman made a motion to adjourn. The motion was seconded by John Morrisey and passed unanimously.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:17pm by Chair – Ralph Groves. The next business meeting will be at 6:00PM on January 19th, 2021, at Orlando Brewing.

Minutes submitted by:     John Morrisey