By-Laws Amendment – Motion 19-010 Candidates


(Previous articles unchanged)

Article III: Candidates

Section I

LPOC may endorse any political candidate for public office that is a registered Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF) voter or a No Party Affiliation (NPA) voter by majority vote. Any political candidate that is a registered voter of any other political party may be endorsed with a 3/4 vote for nonpartisan races only. No political candidate may be endorsed for a partisan race prior to the determination of the Libertarian Party of Florida party nominee, if any. A political candidate that is not a registered Libertarian Party of Florida voter shall not be endorsed if that candidate is running against a candidate who is a registered Libertarian Party of Florida voter.

Section II

LPOC shall not endorse any candidates for internal party office including but not limited to any county executive committee, state executive committee, or Libertarian National Committee member. Individual members of LPOC may make personal endorsements for these party offices using their party titles, if any, so long as the endorsement is not portrayed as being from LPOC as an organization.

Section III

Financial and in-kind contributions to candidates and independent expenditures to support candidates using LPOC funds may only be authorized for candidates that have been endorsed by LPOC. Non-financial support including but not limited to sharing social media posts and events, giving a platform to speak at meetings, and so on is permitted for any candidate so long as the candidate is not incorrectly portrayed as being endorsed by LPOC, except as otherwise prohibited by Florida Statute.

Section IV

No LPOC Executive Committee member shall publicly endorse, campaign for, or promote any political candidate for public office using an LPOC title or the LPOC branding or identity unless that candidate has been endorsed by LPOC. Executive Committee members shall otherwise not be restricted in personal support for any political candidate in any way.

Section V

LPOC shall make party nominations to public office when required by law. Upon notice of a requirement to make a party nomination, at the next regular or special business meeting any LPOC voting member may nominate any qualified Libertarian Party of Florida voter to the specified public office. The nominee that is elected by a majority of voting members present shall become the party nominee for the office.