Want to become an official Libertarian? These are the steps you can take to proudly join the Party of Principle.

Join the Libertarian Party of Orange County

Download Membership Form PDF

Membership in our county affiliate is open to anyone who renounces the initiation of force to achieve social and political goals. Please download and fill out our membership application form! If you can digitally sign the form, we accept electronic applications via email – please send to secretary@lporangefl.org. Otherwise, you can print out the form, sign it, and either scan and email it, mail it to our postal address, or bring it to any of our meetings. We will also have printed copies of the form available at all meetings.

If you choose to mail your signed membership applications by postal mail, the address is:

Libertarian Party of Orange County
PO Box 679334
Orlando, Fl 32867

If you would like to vote on party business and influence our decisions, per our bylaws you must reside, work, or study in Orange County – and be willing to provide us with a physical address demonstrating so on the membership application form – and attend a minimum of 4 out of the past 6 (or 6 out of the past 12) of our business meetings. You must not be a member of another political party if you wish to be a voting member of our affiliate.

To run as an officer in our party, by Florida statute you must additionally be registered to vote in Orange County with a party affiliation of the Libertarian Party of Florida. Only Orange County residents may become officers.

Join the Libertarian Party of Florida

The Libertarian Party of Florida is our parent organization  They coordinate the efforts of all the different county affiliates in Florida and support state-level initiatives for the Libertarian Party. This membership entitles you to become a delegate for state party business. Membership is free, but please consider donating to the state party to support their efforts.

Register to Vote as a Libertarian

Your voice is amplified if you are a registered voter affiliated with the Libertarian Party of Florida. The more voters who reject the hypocrisy of the two older parties, the stronger message we send. If you are a US citizen at least 18 years of age, please register to vote as a Libertarian. If you are already registered under a different party, or as “No Party Affiliation” (NPA), please re-register as a Libertarian as soon as possible!

Support the National Libertarian Party

The Libertarian Party is the third largest nationwide political party in the United States. Please consider becoming a dues-paying member to establish your national membership to support ballot efforts and federal elections in all 50 states.